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Doors and Windows

We specialise in the production of doors and windows.
Every item we make is bespoke, designed to suit our clients’ requirements.
From the type of wood, to the ironmongery, we tailor our service to suit you.

Interior Joinery

We can offer a full design, build and installation service for bespoke interiors.
With a wide range of materials, finishes and even special paint effects, we’re better placed to execute your ideas. From AV units, mixing decks and kitchens to one off furniture.
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Joinery Finishing

With the latest technology at our disposal in our custom-built spray shop, we are better placed to offer the very highest quality spray finishing.

We can offer this as an outsourcing service to other joiners/builders.

We are not limited to spraying joinery, our expert team is experienced in spraying a wide range of materials, from plastics and steel to composite materials.

When it comes to spray finishing Rosser and King can offer the highest level of service and finish.

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Which Type Of Wood To Choose


Accoya is essentially a pickled softwood. It originates from New Zealand and requires slightly different processes around construction and painting.

Accoya isn’t our everyday choice, but it has a place in the construction of Bespoke Joinery.


Pine is the most commonly-used softwood in joinery construction, it originates from Scandinavia and is fast growing, which results in a softer structure.
The lifespan of softwood joinery can still be very long if the right maintenance is carried out.
Pine is, often, the cheapest timber used in the construction of Bespoke Joinery


This is often Sepele, which come from Africa. It is a slow growing, very hard, and very durable material.
Sepele is the timber most used in our workshop, we favour it as it is stable and reliable.